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THE FOUNDER - Dato' Norman Pang
Dato' Norman Pang is the helmsman for NPG as well as a mentor for many. However, his affinity with Allianz is never by chance. He joined Allianz Life in 2003 as he was so attracted to the great potential that lies in the product line-up particularly the Saving and Retirement Planning products.

It was a decision that changed his life forever. He managed to qualify himself for the prestigious MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) status for four consecutive years. Years of experience and an extraordinary track record then encouraged him to promote MDRT in his agency. Many agents were inspired by his vision, passion, unique selling principles and decided to join his agency.

In 2005, he was promoted to Agency Manager at the age of 31. Striking while the iron is hot, he subsequently set up a new office in Petaling Utama, a highly competitive arena heavily tenanted by MMTS - related agencies. Here it begins his multimillion-dollar business blueprint and the quest for success.

A legendary and seasoned insurance agent he is, so is the emergence of a highly accountable and
professional insurance agency – NPG that comes after.

  NPG Agency Sdn Bhd
  Wisma Peter's
  1, Jalan Petaling Utama 11, Petaling Utama
  46000 Petaling , Selangor D.E.
  TEL +603 7785 1668